Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stuck in a Rutt

Here we are it is already Wednesday, yeah for being half way through the week already!!
I am stuck in a rutt.....I hate that feeling.
What kind of rutt am I in? I am not sure it is kind of an all around rutt. I think I need a change. It seems like nothing is getting accomplished or at least the things I think need to be accomplished :) I set out with big plans and then when I don't follow through with those plans I get a little discouraged.

I think I have a plan, and I am going to share it with you so maybe that means I will actually finish it this time.
The Plan:

-Get out of bed on time during the week
    I have a tendency to hit snooze too much and then I don't leave myself enough time for breakfast and sometimes to put on my makeup
-Wear my makeup
this one sounds shallow but honestly when I feel like I spent some time on myself like wearing makeup or curling my hair I feel like I have a better outlook on the day
-Try some new recipes
   I have a pile of new recipes to try for dinner, breakfast or desserts and I have yet to pull one out and give it a whirl. I also have recipes in my head that I need to put onto paper and see how they turn out. Do you notice that when you eat something new and different life has a new spin on it? Is that just me? Oh well
- Craft, craft, craft!
    I have been working on some crafts and I have finished a bunch and yet my other blog is empty and so are the walls of my home. I want to get my butt in gear and get my walls and cupboards decorated and crafting is so relaxing to me.
-Post on my other blog
   This poor blog was a new thing for me and started out exciting but then it just dropped off. I really do have some fun things to share. I am just having a hard time getting it all organized and posted. But I hope that when I get my crazy ideas sorted out you will all come and read it and try some of the things for yourself.
- Write it All Down
  So I am a little crazy (actually REALLY crazy) and I am about to share with you why. My mind goes a mile a minute and usually when I am trying to get some sleep, so needless to say I have my boughts of Insomnia. When I am at work I am thinking about home and what needs to be accomplished there and when I am home I am thinking about everything else that I need/want to do. I am a list maker through and through except those lists and sticky notes disappear and then I forget what I wanted to do. I think this will be my biggest struggle to get out of a rutt, but I have a plan. I am going to try to get plan of some sort for each day of what I want to get accomplished and if I don't get it accomplished it's ok it can move to the next day. This way I can see that I have acctually done something instead of feeling stuck.

Ok so for now that is my plan I will let you know how it all plays out. I am going to try REALLY REALLY hard to get something accomplished. I will report back soon and maybe you will see some of my accomplishments on my other blog.

In other news, the Scrapbook Expo is this weekend and I am going, I will make it happen. It will help feed my addiction to scrapbook/craft items that I really don't need any more of.  If you love craft items and crafty things and you haven't been you really should go, they have great deals on items and lots of fun ideas. I have never taken a class there but I would really like to some year, if you want to join me let me know I would be happy to have you.

Other happenings, my sister in law is getting married next month and my other sister in law and I are a planning a shower. I have BIG ideas for refreshments for this shower and I am starting to wonder if maybe they are too big? Oh well go big or go home right? If it all works out my other blog should have some great stuff.

I guess that's it for now.

Thanks for reading that crazy, unorganized, loooong post.


Rob and Em said...

My sister Brittany, Kacey Harline (Frantz- do you remember her?) and I (and other people welcome!) are going to do a craft from The wood connection. I think we are gonna make a saturday out of it. If you want to join us, your more than welcome. we are going to wood letters that say something or other, the details have not been decided on yet, but if you are interested, let me know!

Miss Wendy said...

I'm with you on the getting out of bed on time thing. I always wait to the last possible second, then I'm running around the house trying to get ready. My hair goes in a ponytail, or I just brush it, and makeup is pretty much nonexistent in my working life. I always look like a hobo at work, and that's no fun.

And you need to post more on your craft blog! I'm trying to learn how to be crafty, so I need inspiration!