Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Update

Hi again!

Can you believe I am posting before it has actually been a month?

Let's see where did we leave off......I think we are up to November.

Not a lot happened that month but the first weekend Adam and I had a sleepover with out nieces from Friday night until their parents picked them up on Sunday. Their mom and dad had a wedding in Idaho and  the girl's didn't really want to join them so their FAVORITE aunt and uncle volunteered to watch them for the weekend. So what did we do all weekend? We stayed up too late watching movies, ate lots of junk food, went to Megamind (super cute), played at the park, drew with chalk, played with hair, lots of hide and seek, watched more Hannah Montana then I think I have ever watched, goofy games and walks. Needless to say by the time they went home Sunday we were exhausted, I don't know how you parents with more than one kid do it everyday! We did miss them and our house seemed a little too quite so I think we may have to have a super fun sleepover again.
Here are some pictures from that weekend

Photobucket Photobucket

A few weeks later we enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family this year. I don't have any pictures but we had a great dinner with my family. My parents cooked a lot and it was all delicious. I was in charge of pie and I always make too many but I LOVE to bake and can you really have too much pie? I made a Pumpkin cheesecake with a gingersnap crust, Chocolate cream with an Oreo crust, Banana Cream with a vanilla crust and they were all terrific if I do say so myself.

Adam and I were one of those crazy people who decided to get up at an unholy hour on Black Friday. We stayed the night at Adam's parents so we could hit the stores out in the city which are a little closer and there are more to choose from then at our house. We didn't get any killer deals but we did get a lot done that day! It was crazy but actually a pretty fun day.

That was November I think I have more pictures for December stay tuned, if any of you still read this blog. :-)